Charter wanted or offered

If you want to charter a boat for an event or offer your boat as a charter, please complete the form below. This list is to facilitate parties to contact each other only. All charter agreements are strictly between those parties. HCAWA has no part in those agreements.

2017 State Titles Entry Form - Albany BAK
Skipper Information
Boat Information
Crew Information

Indemnity and Insurance

Release and Indemnity. I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and all other rules that govern this event. I agree that none of the organisations, persons involved in the running of this event, sponsors, promoters, class association or any other involved persons or parties accepts liability for damages due in negligence or any other reason whatsoever while conducting or connected with this event for injury, to property or person, I may suffer while participating in the event and while upon the event premises. I know the risks of danger to myself and my property while preparing for and participating in the event, and while upon the event premises, relying upon my own judgment and ability, assume all such risks of loss and hereby agree to reimburse all costs to those persons or organizations connected with this event for damages incurred as a result of my negligence. I agree that skipper and crew (if applicable) comply with RRS 46 and the AYF prescription and hold a valid Silver Card. An international competitor is exempt from the AYF prescription but must still be a member of a club affiliated to ISAF recognised Member National Authority

Do you confirm that you have read & understood & accept the release and indemnity above?

I certify that I hold third party liability insurance to a minimum value of $AUD5 million in accordance with the Notice of Race. Do you Confirm that you have the required insurance as above?

HCAWA Membership 2016/17

Fee includes Membership for both Skipper and Crew.

Regatta Fees

If payment received by Cob 20/2/17

If you pay on the day or after 20/2/17

Youths if pay before 20/2/17

Youths if pay on the day or after 20/2/17

Tee Shirts

Tee shirts are included for Helm and Crew in the regatta fees. Please indicate your preferred sizes for Helm and Crew.

Note: This is a preference only. It is not a guarantee that your size will be available due to the lead times for ordering shirts

$25 Each
$25 per person
Presentation Night Dinners
Entry fee includes food for the presentation night dinner (Sunday) for both skipper and crew.
Additional presentation night meals at AU$30 each
HCAWA Contact Details

PO Box 186, Nedlands, WA, 6909.
For more information contact Robin Dinsdale 0416 722 791

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